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Supartz is a viscoelastic and sterile injection which is given into your knee joints. The active ingredient present in Supartz is sodium hyaluronate that is obtained from the combs of chicken and it is dissolved in a sterile saline solution. 

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Supartz 2.5ml injection 

Sodium hyaluronate is a linear polysaccharide which is naturally present in the synovial fluid and protects and lubricates your joints during movement. Supartz is indicated for patients with osteoarthritis to treat their knee pain and inflammation. Supartz is used in osteoarthritis patients who have already tried non-pharmacologic therapies such as diet and exercise and pharmacologic therapies such as pain medications but didn’t show any improvement.

Mechanism of action:

Your knee is protected from the injuries and shocks due to the presence of synovial fluid in the knee joints. Synovial fluid acts as a lubricant and cushion with viscous and rheological properties due to the presence of sodium hyaluronate. With the loss of synovial fluid, the protection is lost and it leads to osteoarthritis and knee pain. Supartz functions similar to the synovial fluid due to the presence of sodium hyaluronate as an active ingredient and thereby it gives relief from the knee pain for up to six months.

How to use Supartz:

Supartz is a sterile and viscosupplement injection and it is injected into your knee joints by your doctor. You should never try it by yourself. The procedure is called as viscosupplementation because you are supplementing the viscous and rheological properties of Supartz to protect and lubricate your knees. Skin disinfectants which contain quaternary ammonium salts should not be used to prepare the injection site as ammonium salts can precipitate sodium hyaluronate. Any extra fluid present in the joint is removed and then Supartz is injected only into the knee joint but not into any vein or artery or tissue. A total of five injections are given consecutively for five weeks with one injection per week and it provides relief from the knee pain for up to 6 months. Pain relief after an injection differs from person to person. The dose of Supartz varies from patient to patient based on their medical condition and based on their response to the treatment. Your doctor may suggest a repeat treatment if necessary based on your condition.

Supartz side effects: 

Common side effects are redness, rashes, bruises, pain, itching, swelling and effusion in and around the injected joint, nausea and tiredness, flu like symptoms, headache, numbness and overall body pains. If the side effects worsen or if they bother you a lot, you should immediately inform your doctor. Sometimes serious side effects such as difficulty in breathing, severe back pain, fever, swelling of the lips and tongue and face and throat, increase in the heart beat, sweating, shaking and dizziness may occur less frequently. Then you should consult your doctor immediately to seek medical advice. 

Supartz precautions:

The syringe is for single use and once it is opened, it should be used immediately and your doctor should not store it for future use.

If you are allergic to birds or chicken or bird products such as feathers and eggs, you should inform your doctor.

Supartz is not recommended if you have any joint infections in the knee or skin infections at the injection site or blood circulation problems in your legs.

It is not advisable to use Supartz in pregnant or breast feeding women or in children.

Supartz should not be used if you are allergic to any other products containing sodium hyaluronate.

After an injection, you should avoid activities such as standing for a long time, jogging, weight lifting and tennis for at least two days. Avoid all weight bearing activities that apply pressure on your joints.

If you are using any other type of medicines along with Supartz, it is always safe to discuss with your doctor.

Care should be taken to take the injection according to the schedule without missing the dose to get best results.

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