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Careprost 0.03% 3ml Eye Drops

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Careprost eye drops are medication prescribed to decrease increased intraocular pressure. Along with this effect Careprost increases eyelashes growth.

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Careprost. Careprost eye drops. Bimatoprost ophtalmic

During clinical application it was found that Bimatoprost significantly increases eyelashes growth when is applied on the upper eyelid. Bimatoprost is currently sold under the name Carepost and Lumigan, which are used to decreases eyelashes growth and Latisse which is used to increase eyelashes growth making them longer, darker and thicker. Actually there is no difference between Careprost, Lumigan, Bimat and Latisse. All of them contain the same active ingredient - Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% 3 ml, possesses identical effects and eye pressure and eyelashes growth.  Careprost is currently manufactured by Sun Pharma.

Therapeutic action:

The active ingredient of Careprost - Bimatoprost is a synthetic compound, prostaglandin derivative. After application the medication improves circulation of fluid in the eyes and thus decreases high intraocular pressure. By decreasing intraocular pressure, Careprost helps prevent damage to the optic nerve. Along with decreases intraocular pressure, Careprost can be applied on the upper eyelid to promote eyelashes growth. Bimatoprost makes eyelashes darker, longer and thicker. The effect is usually observed in 8-12 weeks. Action mechanism of Careprost in related to activation of anagen phase (growth phase) of eyelashes growth, making this phase more intensive and longer.


Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is licensed to treat: 

  • Increased eye pressure (ocular hypertension) 
  • Open angle glaucoma 
  • Careprost eye drops can also be used to increase eyelashes growth.    

How Careprost eye drops are applied?

Careprost is a prescription medication prescribed by a doctor. The standard recommended Careprost dose for the treatment of increased intraocular pressure is one drop into the affected eye(s) once daily in the evening. If Careprost is stimulating eye lashes growth, in this case one drop is applied using an sterile applicator to the skin of the upper lash line of each eye daily usually before bed.  


Bimatoprost opthtalmic solution is contraindicated for use in the following conditions: 

  • Inflammatory eye diseases like uveitis and iritis          
  • Aphakia (missing lens of eye)       
  • An artificial lens of the eye          
  • Reactions of hypersensitivity to Bimatoprost opthalmic solution         
  • Pregnancy (pregnancy category C)        
  • Breastfeeding 

Careprost eye drops may cause permanent darkening of the iris and skin darkening around the eyes.

The medication may cause hair growth in undesired places Bimatoprost may cause swelling of the macula of the eye.  Try to avoid contaminating the tip of the bottle because this may cause bacterial keratitis. 

You should remove your contact lenses before application of Careprost. If you develop any eye diseases or are going to have eye surgery, talk to your doctor.    

Side effects:

  • Most common Careprost side effects include, irritation, redness, burning, itching in the eyes 
  • Less common Careprost side effects include: vision problems, darkening of the eye lids, inflammation of the eyelids, punctuate epithelial keratopathy, eye strain or fatigue, iris darkening, cataracts, increased sensitivity to light

If you develop these or any other Careprost side effects make sure to consult your doctor.   

Drug interactions:

The medication should not be used in combination with Latanoprost (Xalatan) and other eye drops. 


The medication should be stored in the original bottle at 2º to 25ºC 

  • Questions (5)
  • From Christina | 2016-07-16 18:16:30

    Does this product come with applicators


    Hello Christina, The product comes without applicators. You can use cotton swabs or eyeliner brush instead.

    From sandra | 2014-10-28 12:23:46

    if one stops using Careprost will all symptoms go away? I do notice my eyes are very sensitive to light, feel pressure on or around my eyes. I also notice when wearing false lashes i feel this pressure in my eyes. I used latex and non -latex glue...thank you... I also went to my eye doctor and he didn't notice any changes in my eyes when i told him of me using Careprost, of course he was checking up to see if my cataracts stayed the same or were worse. thank you


    Dear Sandra, In order to maintain effect of Bimatoprost you have to use the product on a regular basis. When you stop using it, your eyelashes will return to its previous size. In case you have any negative reactions of using Careprost or vision changes we advice to stop using it for a few weeks to confirm while these side effects are caused exactly by Careprost.

    From sandra R. | 2014-09-25 11:34:52

    question is..i have been using this product since May and have noticed length in my lashes but not the Latisse length..well in the meantime i am wearing false lashes and noticed i get this burning sensation (seems like in my eyes). I tried non-latex glue, latex glue, to use lashes...can this careprost have anything to do with my eyes feeling this way? thank you very much..Sandra R.


    Dear Sandra, If you have allergic reactions to Latisse generic (careprost) you have to stop using the product and consult your health care provider.

    From Hassan Kabiri | 2014-04-19 09:05:22

    Do you ship Careprost to Canada?If yes, How much is the price of 12 bottles plus freight?


    Dear Hassan, Yes, we ship this product to Canada and the price is correct for 12 bottles plus freight

    From noreene | 2014-04-02 02:16:56

    How do I apply for eyelash growth? Do I need a prescription?


    Dear Noreene, You do not need a prescription to buy this product. The instruction how to apply latisse you can find on our website

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