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Hyalgan is an injectable medication which is used to treat knee pain in patients with joint inflammation or osteoarthritis. This product contains hyaluronate which is similar to a natural substance in joints. This substance acts like a lubricant and a shock absorber in the joint, thus helping the knee to move smoothly, lessening the pain associated with osteoarthritis. 

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Hyalgan 20mg/2ml (hyaluronic acid for injection)

Drug name: Hyalgan 20 mg/2ml injections 

Active ingredient (International name): Sodium hyaluronate 

Therapeutic action:

Hyalgan is a drug which contains sodium hyaluronate, a substance similar to a natural substance in joints. Hyaluronate acts as a tissue lubricant and functions to modulate interactions between joints. Sodium hyaluronate is a type of carbohydrate known as a polysaccharide. It is a natural polymer of the glycosaminoglycan family (acid mucopolysaccharides). It is present in high concentrations in cartilage and synovial fluid. This substance is widely distributed in human connective tissue. This substance provides elasticity to help absorb mechanical stress and to become a protective buffer for tissues. It is also responsible for the correct structure of proteoglycans in articular cartilage. Hyalgan facilitates wound healing by acting as a protective transport vehicle. This medication facilitates the action of peptide growth factors and other structural proteins to the affected site, so that active proteins are released to promote tissue repair. This is why it is effective in treating osteoarthritis. Hyalgan stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by cells known as synoviocytes. It also decreases inflammatory and pain mediators thus indicating an anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. It may also protect against oxidative damage. 


Hyalgan Injection is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee which have not responded to acetaminophen, exercise, or physical therapy which are conventional treatments for osteoarthritis. This drug also functions as a surgical aid in cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation during cataract surgery. 

Mode of administration:

Hyalgan is is usually given by a doctor through an injection to the affected joint. The dose is usually once a week and depends on the discretion of your doctor. In preparing the site for injection, skin disinfectants that contain ammonium salts such as benzalkonium chloride should not be used on the site where Hyalgan is to be injected. Your doctor may remove extra fluid from the joint before injecting the medicine. After injection, the patient should avoid activities that place stress on the knee such as jogging, tennis, heavy lifting, and standing on feet for more than an hour for 48 hours. 


Hyalgan is contraindicated for people who are sensitive to hyaluronate preparations, or when there are infections or skin disease at the injection site which have the potential for septic arthritis. 

Special cautions:

In using Hyalgan shots, one should monitor intraocular pressure. Special caution should be exercised by people who have allergy to bird proteins, feathers, latex or egg products. You should tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have the following medical conditions currently or in the past before using Hyalgan: knee joint infections, skin infections, problems in the area around the injection site, or circulation problems in the legs. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating. 

Hyalgan is classified as Pregnancy Category B (Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women OR Animal studies have shown an adverse effect, but adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in any trimester.)    

Side effects:

Hyalgan shots can cause some side effects such as pain and inflammation at the injection site. If these symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical help. This drug can also cause more serious side effects such h as back pain, severe headache, fast/pounding heartbeat, fever, and tingling skin. This drug may cause allergic reactions such as a rash, itching, swelling especially of the face or tongue or throat, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. If these happen, seek medical help immediately.

Drug interaction: Hyalgan injection may interact with prescription, nonprescription drugs and herbal you are currently using. Tell your doctor about the drugs you may be taking while using Hyalgan.


Hyalgan shots should be stored at a temperature of 2-25°C. 

For more informatiom please refer to the official product information HYALGAN

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    From Elva Cardenas | 2018-01-11 03:27:27

    I got 3 injections of Hyalgan. My insurance only covered 3. If I buy it on line does my doctor need to administer it? I Have learned that a series of 5 work better.


    Dear Elva the injections should be administered by a doctor even if you buy them online.

    From John Strapac | 2017-04-14 04:54:35

    What is the price and the cost of shipping


    The shipping cost is $14.95

    From Tarikua | 2016-06-19 18:46:26

    If I order hyalgan to day , when do I get it ?


    Express delivery takes about 7-10 days

    From Idalia | 2016-06-15 05:09:44

    Do I need a prescription to order hyalgan injection?


    Dear Idalia, You don't need to have a prescription to order hyalgan injection. Regards, Customer Support

    From Dawut | 2015-06-28 00:41:44

    Hi. Can you deliver hyalgan to Turkmenistan?


    Hello, yes, we can deliver to your country

    From Barbara Marks | 2015-06-04 04:17:08

    Do you need a prescription to order this?


    Hello, the prescription is not required for that product

    From alice | 2015-05-01 04:03:25

    Where is the Hyalgan injection you sell , manufactured? I need to buy 50 vials each time. What would the price be? Thank you.


    Dear Sir, The Hyalgan s manufactured in Italy by Fidia. The price for 50 packs will be 33 USD per pack without shipment. Please send us your inquire to e-mail with the title Hyalgan order 50 pack.

    From Bonnie | 2015-02-16 20:17:37

    Hi. What is your expiration date for the hyalgan?


    Hi, we provide Hyalgan with expiration date of more than 1 year.

    From Pam | 2014-11-07 14:25:11

    Does it have to be stored in a cooler if I have to transport it overseas?


    Dear Sir, The product does not require to be stored in coolier. The products storage temperature is 15-25

    From saeed | 2014-04-10 01:35:29

    is it available in pakistan &what is the price


    Dear Saeed, We are sorry but we do not ship to Pakistan

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