Lumigan for eyebrow growth

Sep.05, 2016

maxresdefaultAbout the eyebrows

The eyebrows are the first thing which attracts anyone towards the person. If anyone has sparse eyebrows, then that would affect the look of their face. The person will also have a decrease in confidence and other societal issues. There is a medical term for a decrease in the growth of the hair, including the hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes known hypotrichosis. There are many reasons, why the eyebrows might be sparse. Some might be genetic reasons because of the natural makeup of genes. In some it is because of some injury to the eyebrows, which should have shaved of the skin and in turn reduction in the growth of the eyebrows.

About Lumigan, Glaucoma and FDA indications

Lumigan is manufactured by Allergan it is one of the leading and world’s renowned pharmaceutical companies. The active pharmaceutical ingredient which is present inside Lumigan is bimatoprost. The indication for which the Food and Drug Administration has approved  is for the administration in glaucoma. We would like to explain two important terms in the previous sentence. First Food and Drug Administration is the ultimate and the apex agency for regulating the approval of new drugs and for suggesting the indications in for which it needs to be used in the US and their decisions are legally binding. This implies that a doctor is legally bound to prescribe Lumigan mainly for the glaucoma rather than the growth of the eyelashes. Secondly glaucoma is a condition in which  there is an increase in the pressure of the fluid inside the eye. This increase in pressure, might cause compression of the nerves which are present inside the eye and thereby seriously affecting the vision

About the counterpart drug, Latisse

For the growth of eyelashes, there is another drug which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) known as Latisse. Lumigan contains the same component, which is present in Latisse, which is Bimatoprost. It will also be helpful in the growth of the eyebrows and would be as effective as Latisse, but you might face some problems like reimbursement of the insurance money, while claiming the money which was spent in using Lumigan for the growth of the eyelashes. This is because insurance companies can only pay money only for which legally perfect indication is present.

About the Mechanism of action

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue and because of this analogous nature to prostaglandin, it causes contraction of the muscles which are surrounding the drainage region of the eye. These are small muscles which line the canal  of the eye and when they contract the size of the canal increase, thereby facilitating the decrease in pressure inside the eye. The net positive effect seen in glaucoma is attributed to this. The exact mechanism of action, on which there occurs an increase in the growth of eyebrows is not known.

Method of application

The applicator which is normally present in Latisse and helpful in the application of the drug, over the eyebrow will not be present in the case of Lumigan. The general rule for application is to place a single drop at the edge of the applicator and then rub the loaded applicator over the base of the skin of the eyelashes for the growth of eyelashes and over the eyebrows.

Conclusion and Results

So you will experience a growth of dense eyebrows, which are healthy and also dark. It is our advice to take Latisse rather than Lumigan for the growth of eyebrows. This is because of a variety of reasons which was stated earlier. Nevertheless, if you have no other way, you can still apply Lumigan for the growth of eyebrows.

Lumigan for eyebrow growth
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