Bimatoprost for eyelashes

Jun.23, 2016

Bimatoprost for eyelashesActuality of problem

Eyelashes are an important beauty asset for a female. A well grown eyelashes  is a thing to be proud of for a female in the society. During the  premenopausal period, women face the problem of abnormal pattern of eyelashes (Menopause is the period of stoppage of reproductive growth of  female typically occurs between the age of 40 to 45 years). The  problem can also occur in women of other age groups. The abnormal pattern of eyelashes is described in medical terms known as hypotrichosis and may manifest of loss of eyelashes, which are already present or reduction of growth of eyelashes.This decreases the confidence of the female. Latisse containing bimatoprost come as a only approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and also by various medical agencies  around the world.

Description of problem

Hypotrichosis is the loss or reduction of growth of eyelashes. It might occur as a manifestation of some other problem or as an individual problem. The reduction in  the number of eyelashes decreases the beauty of the person. It should be noted that there is another condition known as hypertrichosis where there is an increase in the growth of the eyelashes and this should not be used in that condition. This drug is also used for beautification purposes where the intention is to increase the growth of eyelashes (which are already normal) and increasing the aesthetic look of the person.

What is Bimatoprost and Why Bimatoprost is good for that problem?

Latisse is a brand drug marketed by Allergan, which is one of the world’s famous companies. The company tagline is that the drug will cause the eyelashes to grow longer, fuller and darker. There is also a generic version of the drug available and it is manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals and Sun Pharmaceuticals. The active Pharmaceutical ingredient present in both of this drug is  Bimatoprost. It is available in the form of eye drops. The Latisse is the only approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why Latisse is good for that problem? And how it resolves the problem?

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue. How does a prostaglandin works to increase the eyelashes? Prostaglandin is normally present in your body and is  a hormone –like substance mediating a lot of important activity (Hormone is a  biological molecule  which essentially regulate various functions)   Though the exact mechanism for the growth of the eyelashes is yet to be known, this prostaglandin analogue is the mechanism for its antiglaucoma activity. (glaucoma is a condition in which there is an increase in the pressure of the eye which in turn destroys the nerve present inside). It would be very interesting to learn that this growth of the eyelashes was initially recognised as a side effect in  persons who were treated for glaucoma. It was described as a side effect because according to medical definition the treatment of glaucoma was the intention at that time of administration and any effect seen other than the proposed indication is described as a side effect.  This side effect was harnessed by the pharmaceutical company as the drug which is very important for millions of people. The proper way of application of this drug needs to be learnt. The first step is to identify the skin at the base of the eyelashes. Wipe the face with the clean cloth and remove the contact lenses if you are wearing. Inside the packing of the drug,there will be applicators present. Please take it and hold it horizontally.  Near the tip of applicator but not exactly at the tip, put a  single drop of bimatoprost. The loaded applicator needs to be applied now over the skin, which was identified near the eyelid margin. Wipe away any excess of drops with the help of tissue paper and never re-use the applicator. Always discarded after a single use to prevent any infection to the eyes. It is recommended to administer only once a day.

Conclusion (Treatment results)?

You will be noting longer, darker eyelashes on the continuous application of the Bimatoprost. The hypotrichosis condition will revert back on the continuous application and you will be noting that the eyelashes have become healthier than never before. Please consult your physician, in case you face any other side effect. The drug is generally safe and has helped in treating millions of people worldwide against this condition.

Bimatoprost for eyelashes
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  1. Ezada from Spain | June 23rd, 2016

    I had very long and beautiful eyelashes till I was 35 years of age. After that I suffered from the problem of falling eyelashes and it decreased my confidence significantly. I did a lot of things, but none worked out and I was in complete mental distress. At that time through one of the advertisements on the Internet, I learnt about Bimatoprost. On the application of Bimatoprost, I noted a phenomenal change on the problem of falling of the eyelashes. Now my eyelashes are like never before and I am confident that I will regain my beauty which was present earlier.