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Natazia. Natazia – oral contraceptive. Birth control with Natazia

May.11, 2010

Natazia is a new oral contraceptive that has been recently approved by FDA. Natazia is made by the pharmaceutical company Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. Natazia is currently available in the European Union under the name Qlaira. Natazia is the first four-phase oral contraceptive that releases female sex hormone progestin at four times for twenty eight day in treatment cycle. Natazia contains 2 active active ingredients: estrogen (estradiol valerate) and progestin (dienogest).

Smoking during pregnancy can cause mental problems in children

May.08, 2010

According to a new study conducted in Finland, smoking during pregnancy can cause mental problems in the children.
It is well known that if a woman smokes during pregnancy, it can lead to a large amount of congenital diseases including respiratory diseases such as asthma, heart and blood vessels diseases, high risk of ENT infections and other health problems. The new study was focused on the relationship of mental health problems such as depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and maternal smoking during pregnancy.

Health benefits of Olive oil

May.08, 2010

According to a new study conducted in the UK regular use of olive oil high consumption can significantly reduce the risk of ulcerative colitis developing.
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the rectum and colon. The main symptoms of the disease include abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. The study found that people who regularly consume olive oil are at lower risk of ulcerative colitis development.

Does Stress prolong life?

Apr.11, 2010

British researchers found that nervousness, frustration, quarrels help to live longer and stay beautiful and cheerful. They refute the earlier statement that all this leads to premature aging and different diseases. In addition the scientists found that stress can be a good prevention from diseases of the joints, blood vessels and heart.One of the famous London’s scientist Marios Kiriazis is actively engaged in the investigation.

Diabetes treatment with Avandamet

Apr.11, 2010

The diabetes is considered to be one of the most important medico-social problems in nowadays. Type II Diabetes continues to grow, and it is anticipated that within the nearest 5 years number of patients of type II will rich 3% from all population of the Earth.

Diabetes – is a  chronic and worldwide spread disease, that is accompanied by carbohudrate, lipoid and protein exchange derangements and leads to the development of different complications of the cardiovascular system, kidney, eyes and peripheral nervous system.

Claritin is a gentle suggestion for allergy relief

Apr.11, 2010

Claritin is used over 20 years. The manufacturer of the medication is worldwide known pharmaceutical company called Shering-Plough.

Claritin is the most prescribed allergy drug in the world and one of the modern antiallergic drugs which has the ability to treat such allergy symptoms as: sneezing, itching and nasal discharge, epiphora, iredness and itching in the eyes, throat discomfort. Besides, claritin is widely used in sting allergy. High efficiency of claritin allows successfully to use the drug in the complex treatment of different skin diseases which are causing  the itch (atopic dermatit, contact dermati, chronic eczema)

Evista – drug for breast cancer prevention.

Apr.11, 2010

Study: Can the drug for osteoporosis treatment prevent breast cancer in high-risk group?

Evista has advantages for women of increased risk group during menopause. Results of a large, national studies have shown that Evista is equivalent to other well-recognized preventive means – tamoxifen in order to prevent breast cancer among women at increased risk during menopause. Moreover, Evista as it turned out, has less side effects in view of uterine cancer and clotting problems, comparing with women who administer tamoxifen.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice minimizes the risk of obesity.

Mar.29, 2010

Study Group of the University of Minnesota found that  freshly squeezed fruit juice helps to prevent obesity in people and reduce the risk of diabetes.
The result of the investigation was obtained from 14 thousands of Americans both women and men over 19 years of age. The results of the study were published in the journal Experimental Biology.

In the course of the study, researchers concluded that the use of daily fresh fruit juice (250 ml) helps to reduce the risk of obesity by 38% and diabetes by 52%

Garlic can help protect against cancer

Mar.17, 2010

According to a new study conducted by American scientists, garlic can slow down and prevent the formation of carcinogens.
A high amount of garlic in the diet can slow the process of nitrosation in the body. Due to these processes some of the substances contained in food are converted into carcinogens. In most cases nitrosation is frequently associated with the consumption of nitrates, which can be found in meat, sometimes in some vegetables, fruits, as well as contaminated by agricultural or industrial waste water.

A substance contained in bananas may protect against HIV

Mar.17, 2010

BanLec – a lectin represents a protein which is able to bind to sugars. Banana lectin is able to suppress HIV infection, preventing the penetration of the virus into the body. According to scientists, BanLec affects the protein shell that surrounds the genetic material of the HIV virus.

However, the main problem of HIV consists in virus mutation making HIV virus resistant to drugs. According to the study the presence of lectins makes difficult for the viruses to mutate.

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