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Lumigan for eyebrow growth

Sep.05, 2016

maxresdefaultAbout the eyebrows

The eyebrows are the first thing which attracts anyone towards the person. If anyone has sparse eyebrows, then that would affect the look of their face. The person will also have a decrease in confidence and other societal issues. There is a medical term for a decrease in the growth of the hair, including the hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes known hypotrichosis. There are many reasons, why the eyebrows might be sparse. Some might be genetic reasons because of the natural makeup of genes. In some it is because of some injury to the eyebrows, which should have shaved of the skin and in turn reduction in the growth of the eyebrows.

About Lumigan, Glaucoma and FDA indications

Lumigan is manufactured by Allergan it is one of the leading and world’s renowned pharmaceutical companies. The active pharmaceutical ingredient which is present inside Lumigan is bimatoprost. The indication for which the Food and Drug Administration has approved  is for the administration in glaucoma. We would like to explain two important terms in the previous sentence. First Food and Drug Administration is the ultimate and the apex agency for regulating the approval of new drugs and for suggesting the indications in for which it needs to be used in the US and their decisions are legally binding. This implies that a doctor is legally bound to prescribe Lumigan mainly for the glaucoma rather than the growth of the eyelashes. Secondly glaucoma is a condition in which  there is an increase in the pressure of the fluid inside the eye. This increase in pressure, might cause compression of the nerves which are present inside the eye and thereby seriously affecting the vision

Diane 35 for irregular periods

Aug.01, 2016

irregular-periodsActuality of problem and its Description

Menstruation is the passage of blood along with the contents of the  lining of the uterus monthly (generally for every 28 days) in a female, who is in the reproductive cycle. This is a normal and natural phenomenon. The uterus is a medical term, which is given to the organ present in the pelvis of the female and in which the fetus grows inside the mother’s body. Normally, when there is no growth of the fetus within the mother’s body, the lining of the uterus gets sheds monthly and comes as blood. This is responsible for the period seen in females. In many females, who are in reproductive age group have problem of irregular periods because of varying reasons. This is a concern both mentally as well as physically. The periods causes discomfort for a woman to work in her official duties and also the loss of blood causes decrease in the strength and characteristically lead to a condition known as iron deficiency anemia. This causes weakness for a woman and the also decreases the weight of the child which will be growing in the future. So the irregular periods needs to be treated if there is a concern.

Why is Diane 35 good for that problem?

Diane 35 is a drug which is marketed by Bayer Schering Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the leaders among the pharmaceutical companies of the world. Diane 35 consists of Cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol. Cyproterone acetate is the progesterone component and the ethinyl estradiol is the oestrogen component. The drug because of its progesterone component decreases the proliferation of the growth of the lining of the uterus (oestrogen is responsible for the growth in the lining of the uterus) and also because of the combination of oestrogen & progesterone, there is a contraceptive effect which prevents the shedding of the ovum from the ovary. Diane 35 is a very good contraceptive agent in order to prevent conceivement.

Bimatoprost for eyelashes

Jun.23, 2016

Bimatoprost for eyelashesActuality of problem

Eyelashes are an important beauty asset for a female. A well grown eyelashes  is a thing to be proud of for a female in the society. During the  premenopausal period, women face the problem of abnormal pattern of eyelashes (Menopause is the period of stoppage of reproductive growth of  female typically occurs between the age of 40 to 45 years). The  problem can also occur in women of other age groups. The abnormal pattern of eyelashes is described in medical terms known as hypotrichosis and may manifest of loss of eyelashes, which are already present or reduction of growth of eyelashes.This decreases the confidence of the female. Latisse containing bimatoprost come as a only approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and also by various medical agencies  around the world.

Description of problem

Hypotrichosis is the loss or reduction of growth of eyelashes. It might occur as a manifestation of some other problem or as an individual problem. The reduction in  the number of eyelashes decreases the beauty of the person. It should be noted that there is another condition known as hypertrichosis where there is an increase in the growth of the eyelashes and this should not be used in that condition. This drug is also used for beautification purposes where the intention is to increase the growth of eyelashes (which are already normal) and increasing the aesthetic look of the person.

What is Bimatoprost and Why Bimatoprost is good for that problem?

What are the best eyelash curlers

Jul.02, 2013

What you need to know about best eyelash curlers?

Often women feel more comfortable or appealing with their eyebrows curled. They feel this makes them look attractive and more beautiful. Eyelash curlers are just the products these women need in order to help them get the kind of look and eyelashes that they want.

Eyelash curlers, as the name of the product suggests, helps curl the eyelashes to make them look curlier than they may really be. Nowadays these curlers may be automated and the heated eyelash curlers can be used in order to curl the eyelashes and make them stay that way for a longeeyelash curlerr time period.

It is best not to use eyelash curlers too frequently- heated or otherwise. This is because they may cause the eyelashes to become ‘too curled’ or brittle because of which the lashes may actually break rather than getting curled and if you are going for heated eyelash curlers, these would definitely have a negative impact upon your eyelashes.

If you go for normal eyelash curlers you can press these lightly against the tips of your eyelashes and hold it that way for half a minute. Do not let go until they are curled enough. You may even use a hair blower in order to ensure that your eyelashes hold their position and stay that way. Keep the blower at a distance though- you do not want your eyes to get too watery in the process. Be sure to comb your eyelashes before doing so in order to separate them and to ensure that they are smoothened out prior to the application of the curler itself.

What are the best eyelash curlers?

If you are going for a heated one, use the same steps.

Be very careful when using eyelash curlers. You do not want these to get into your eyes and you would not want them to burn your eyelashes, eyelids or your eye itself.

If you are using a normal eyelash curler, keep the blower away from your eyes. Do not use either of these on your own if you are not sure of how to use the eyelash curler. It would be better for you to go to a beautician or a beauty parlor rather than going through the process alone. This would be a safer option for you as well.

Eyelash curlers are tricky. If you do not use them carefully you may end up burning yourself or even cutting off your eyelashes rather than curling them so be sure to apply them properly. If you suffer from a skin condition be sure to ask someone for their opinion first.

If you are sharing a friend’s eyelash curler ensure that she does not suffer from an eye infection as you may get infected too.

There are no side effects where the product itself is concerned but if poor administration can lead to adverse side effects.

If you curl your eyelashes, they would also look longer than usual.

How to grow eyelashes back

Jun.25, 2013

grow eyelashes backThis article will focus on educating you how to grow eyelashes back. People who are unable to grow their eyelashes are known to suffer from a condition known as eyelashes hypotrichosis. In order to be able to grow these one needs to be able to simulate the hair follicle in the eyelids. Eyelash growth stops because of the inability of these follicles to be able to grow hair on their own or because the time span within which these follicles can grow hair is shortened by external and/or internal factors (such as genetics in some cases). The use of products with bimatoprost would be very helpful. These products are inclusive of Latisse and Lumigan.

If you want to know how to grow eyelashes back you first have to know how these products work. What they do is that, with the aid of bimatoprost, the time span in which these can be grown is increased and it is within this time span that the follicles in the eyelids are simulated so that they are able to grow hair (or eyelashes in case of hypotrichosis).

All you have to worry about is getting the product in order to be able to implement what you know about how to grow eyelashes back.

Applying this under the lower margin of the upper eyelid would help achieve this.

Anyone can use these products though it would be better to consult a doctor before going for the product.

Wash your face so that any dirt or makeup is wiped off and you are clean. For the product to be effective you need to ensure that nothing is blocking the follicles and dirt and makeup often does this by covering the pores. Hence, use face wash or soap to remove these.

Take out any contact lens or spectacle you may be wearing and use a tissue so that your eyes (at the very least) are completely dry.  Now here’s how to grow eyelashes back:

Take a Q-tip or applicator and dip into Latisse or Lumigan. Do not apply too much of these. Use a moderate amount. Apply these under the lower margin of your upper eyelid. Move the Q-tip or applicator along your eyelashes to apply this and then, close your eyes. It would be preferable that you do this right before sleeping to avoid contact with dust.

Unless you are someone with a skin condition or a skin allergy, you have no reason to worry about using the product. You just need to know

how to grow eyelashes back.

If you fear you have the tendency of developing one, then, consult a doctor first.

Common side effects include wateriness or dryness of the eyes, irritation or a slight burning sensation in the eyes while more serious ones include dizziness and inflammation of the eyelids.

Interesting fact

You may even go for products such as vitamin E or Vaseline since these are known to help as well though products with bimatoprost are known to be twice as effective as these products since bimatoprost products simulate hair follicles

How can I get longer eyelashes?

Jun.22, 2013

how to get longer eyelashesSo many people (women in particular) often ask themselves, beauticians or people working at beauty parlors one common question:

How can I get longer eyelashes?

Many people do not have longer eyelashes because of one of the following reasons: they may not be able to grow their eyelashes beyond a certain point due to genetics, eyelash hypotrichosis or poor nutrition. These are common factors due to which people have short or less eyelashes than the average person which are not very prominent either. These can be fixed by improving your diet, applying olive oil or going for eyelash extensions. You would no longer be wondering How can I get longer eyelashes? once you try out these methods.

Olive oil is known to help increase the length of hair on the head and to improve its thickness, too, by providing the hair follicles with nutrients that they need in order to increase the length of the hair. This applies to the eyelashes as well.

Eyelash extensions can be used to make it seem like you have longer eyelashes (than the real size of your eyelashes) but if you want to make your eyelashes seem temporarily longer, you could go for these.

Including more protein in your diet would definitely help since the strength of the eyelashes is increased via protein and protein breaks down into amino acids which are required by the hair follicles in the eyelids in order to grow hair or to improve the length of the eyelashes. Since your questions is How can I get longer eyelashes? we will focus upon the usage of olive oil and increasing protein intake so that you know how to increase the length of the eyelashes you already do have.

You may use olive oil in the morning or at night, before sleeping (once a day) while protein intake can be increased by taking small protein-rich meals and snacks throughout the day.

Where olive oil is concerned, you can apply this whenever you want though it would be best to use an applicator or a Q-tip. Dip this into the olive and move it along the lower margin of your upper eyelid. This way the olive oil would be applied properly and would strengthen

Another answer to the question

How can I get longer eyelashes?

is to increase your protein intake in order to strengthen your eyelashes. This can be done by including 25-30 grams of protein in small meals (preferably 5-6 small meals throughout the day).

Be careful when applying the olive oil- you don’t want to end up poking your eye out with the Q-tip.

Where protein intake is concerned, consult your doctor before increasing your intake in case you suffer from a health condition or have the tendency to (many people state they have uric acid issues due to an increase in protein intake).

Though the application of olive oil does not have any side effects, those of you who go for an increased intake of protein should get yourselves checked since proteins can have adverse effects upon the body if they are not utilized.

Hopefully this article will help answer the question:

How can I get longer eyelashes?

Interesting facts

Protein is a very useful nutrient and the protein intake also affects our hearts since it is all muscle!

What are eyelash extensions?

Jun.19, 2013

what are eyelash extensionsWhat are eyelash extensions?

If you are someone who has dealt with or heard of hair products, you have probably also heard about eyelash extensions while other readers may be wondering “What are eyelash extensions?”

Eyelash extensions are like hair extension: they make your eyelashes look longer than they are. So essentially they serve the same purpose as hair extensions except they are for the eyebrows. These are available in different colours, textures and are produced by different companies.

If you are still wondering What are eyelash extensions?

You first have to understand how they work. Eyelash extensions are basically supposed to exaggerate the size of your eyelashes to make them look longer. These are used by people with eyelash hypotrichosis or by people who have brittle eyelashes. These are to be glued on to the eyelids to make these appear more natural and prominent.

You can use these whenever you want to. What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are your solution to making your eyes more noticeable than they usually are. The best part is that these would actually make your eyelashes look real and longer. You can wear these wherever you go, whenever you go out and they can be worn whenever you want.

The good thing about eyelash extensions is that they can be worn whenever you need them and you can apply them on your own. These can be applied on the upper and the lower eyelid as well.

For starters you will need an adhesive, remover, and the eyelash extensions themselves. Also, wash and clean your face, remove any dirt/dust or makeup, with face wash or soap. Apply the remover on to the eyelash extensions so that you can use the adhesive on these and remove any dirt or makeup on the eyelash extension before using it.

Then, cover your natural lower ashes with tape or an adhesive pad. This way it would be easier to differentiate between the upper and the lower lashes. Comb the upper lashes so that these are smooth and separated too.

Squeeze out very little glue and apply this on to the eyelash extension. Use a pair of tweezers to apply these on to your upper eyelid. Apply it within 10 seconds- before the glue dries up. Ensure that you repeat the same process for eyelashes.

You will get the answer to what are eyelash extensions once you have applied each eyelash and see how this changes your appearance.

Ensure that the eyelashes are applied properly. You don’t want any adhesive getting into your eyes or on to your eyelids. Do make sure that you smooth out your own eyelashes before applying the eyelash extensions.

When wondering What are eyelash extensions?”you may never think of these as a product with side-effects. However, these can cause irritation in the eyes and if you do not wash them thoroughly, you may get an eye infection.

Interesting facts

Many celebrities wear eyelash extensions. So, the next time you wonder What are eyelash extensions? switch on the television and you’d know!

Grow eyelashes naturally

Jun.14, 2013

Grow your eyelashes naturallygrow eyelashes naturally

Many people may have a certain condition due to which they cannot grow eyelashes naturally. This may either be due to a poor diet or because of the intake of the wrong kinds of foods (though there aren’t any that actually causes hair loss). There are many things one could do to be able to do so and one of these things is to fix your diet.

So, what could you do in order to fix your diet and grow eyelashes naturally?

Have more protein. Protein helps hair and nails grow and in addition to this it also helps improve the complexion. That is why many people often go for, what is known as, “protein facials”. Since eyelashes are mostly hair, they need protein to grow and to strengthen them. Without protein you would notice that even the hair on your head will become brittle and they would fall and break easily.

If you want to grow eyelashes naturally you could increase your protein intake and see how that works out for you. A large number of people have given a positive feedback in response to the consumption of a higher amount of protein where hair growth is concerned. You could include other things to grow eyelashes natural. Olive oil is one such product- it is natural and all you have to do is to apply it on to your eyelashes with a Q-tip. Anyone can use these methods in order to improve eyelash growth.

Grow eyelashes naturally with protein

If you are going to be increasing your protein intake to grow eyelashes naturally you could try doubling the protein-rich foods’ quantities. If you would rather apply something like olive oil or Vaseline to be able to grow your eyelashes on your own, just be sure to clean off any make up or dust before doing so. It would be preferable if you went for face wash before applying these though some soap would be just fine too.

You could even apply vitamin E instead. Dip the Q-tip in the vitamin E (or Vaseline or olive oil, depending upon whatever it is you would rather go for) and then, apply it on to your eyelashes. Do this consistently for a few days and you are bound to see results.

Do make sure you clean your face thoroughly before applying one of the products mentioned above. Apart from this do apply these every night before you sleep. That way dirt or dust won’t get into your eyes or eyelashes. Be careful when applying a product with a Q-tip, you don’t want to end up poking your eye out in the process!

There are absolutely no side effects to the use of the products mentioned above since these products are harmless and do not have any side effects.

Interesting fact

Brushing your eyelashes on a daily basis could help you if you want to grow eyelashes naturally.

Latisse product information. Bimatoprost

Jun.10, 2013

women eyeLatisse and uses:

Latisse is available as ophthalmic solution or eye drops. The active ingredient present in Latisse is brimatoprost ophtalmic – synthetic structural analog of prostaglandin. So it functions similar to the prostaglandin which is naturally present in your body. Latisse is used to treat hypotrichosis of eyelashes due to brimatoprost, which can lengthen, darken and thicken the eyelashes.

Mechanism of action:

Scientists believe that brimatoprost can thicken and lengthen the eyelashes by increasing the duration of the eyelash growth phase called anagen phase and by increasing the number of eye lashes produced in the growth phase.

How to use Latisse:

Latisse should be used once nightly and one drop in each eye should be applied. First you have to remove your makeup, wash your face and hands to prevent any contamination. Contamination of the solution causes eye infections. Do not touch the tip of the bottle with any other surface. Contact lenses should be removed before applying the drops because Latisse contains benzalkonium chloride as a preservative and it can be absorbed by the contact lenses. You can put the contact lenses after 15 minutes.

Place one drop of Latisse on the sterile applicator provided by the manufacturer. Then using the applicator, apply the eye drop at the base of the upper eyelashes and spread it evenly along the margin of the eyelids. Blot the fluid which comes into contact with any other part on the face by using cotton or tissue. You should note that applying extra drops of Latisse will not cause any further improvement. Do not worry if the drops enter into your eye and there is no need to rinse the eye. Similarly apply it in the other eye using a new sterile applicator. Do not use Latisse for lower eyelashes. Results are seen gradually and eyelash growth can be observed after 2 months and the maximum eyelash growth can be seen after 3-4 months. Once you stop using Latisse, then the appearance of eyelashes is back to the pre-treatment level. If you want the results then you have to apply it continuously as recommended by your doctor.

Latisse side effects:

Latisse may cause side effects such as eye discomfort, skin pigmentation around the eye, darkening of iris and eyelids, headache, dizziness and flu like symptoms. If the side effects worsen or persist, then consult your doctor immediately. In few cases, serious side effects such as severe eye pain, eye burning, eye redness (conjunctival hyperemia), macular edema, inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis), inflammation of the eye (conjunctivitis), disturbances in the vision, light sensitivity, difficulty in breathing, eye discharge, swelling of the lips, face, tongue and throat may occur. Then seek medical advice immediately.

Latisse precautions:

If you use any other medicines for eye pressure problems, then inform your doctor before using Latisse.

Latisse should not be used by pregnant or lactating women or children.

Do not reuse the applicators provided by the manufacturer and don’t use any other brushes or applicators to apply the drops.

Tip of the bottle should not be contacted with any other surface as bacterial contamination can cause serious eye infections.

If you are using any other prostaglandin analogs for intraocular pressure reduction, then discuss with your doctor before using Latisse.

You should not use Latisse if you have any kidney or liver or respiratory diseases or if you are allergic to brimatoprost or any other products containing brimatoprost.

If Latisse frequently comes into contact with any other area on the skin, then hair growth can occur in that area.

If you are using any other medicines along with Latisse, you should discuss with your doctor.

If you use contact lenses, follow the instructions given by your doctor or present in the information leaflet while using Latisse.

Latisse should not be used for eyelash growth if you are already using it for glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

Facts About Breast Growth and Breast Enlargement Cream

May.27, 2013

breast-developmentNext to the face, majority of men looks at the woman’s breast to get an impression of beauty. It is a fact that men are easily attracted to the refine and feminine beauty. Aside from grace, breast is the key factor in bringing about the femininity of a woman. The sad thing though… not all women are naturally gifted with beautiful breasts. Those who have less aspires to have more, while those who have more likes to trim it down…Funny thing though, but with the rise of technology and invention, life isn’t anymore about satisfaction. Advance technology has elevated us into how to attain perfection. Those who are not gifted with beautiful busts often seek surgery to improve its firm and fullness. This may cost them fortune but the desired benefits will more than wealth for anyone. For those who want to enhance their breasts without spending much at the same time breaking off from the pain under surgical table, utilized breast enlargement creams…an equally effective product to enhance the shape and firmness of breasts.

Understanding the growth of woman breast

Our body is composed of different hormones. This hormones are responsible for the growth of almost everything in our body…including our breasts. Had you observed changes in your body beginning puberty? Hormones production at this stage is at its highest. That is why, breasts’ growth at this stage is fast…There are essentially four (4) hormones responsible in the growth of breasts and these are:

  • Estrogen

This is called the woman’s sex hormone and is produced by the ovaries. Estrogen production is at its prime level during the early puberty stage and is low during the pre- puberty (childhood) and after menopause.

  • Progesterone

Like Estrogen, this hormone is also produced by the ovaries, but this hormone only plays a little contribution in breasts growth compared to estrogen. This hormone is naturally produced each month, essential for regular menstrual cycle.

  • Prolactin

This hormone is responsible for the production of breast milk during pregnancy. Like progesterone and estrogen, Prolactin enhances breast growth by increasing the production of breast fats in the mammary glands.

  • Growth hormone

This hormone is essential in the growth of our body which is at its highest peak during puberty.

Breast Enlargement Creams Common Ingredients

In enhancing breasts growth, it is essential to find product that contains ingredients that increases the performance of these hormones. Look for the following most common ingredients in buying breast enlargement creams:

  • Dong Quai

  • Fenugreek

  • Wild Tam

  • Fennel Seed

  • Red Clover

Is it safe and effective?

Breasts enlargement creams are proven safe and effective in enhancing the fullness and shape of your breasts. Look for the products that contain natural formulation of the above mentioned ingredients.

Some products have a money back guarantee offer, which I think a very good assurance of product quality and an excellent way to protect the interest of its customers.

Safety is always a precaution to those who indulge the use of new products. Always seek the advice of a professional to ensure protection.

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