Retin-a cream for Actinic keratosis

Aug.29, 2016

Actuality of problem and its Description

Actinic keratosisActinic keratosis occurs in the sun exposed parts of the skin and it is caused due to the damage to the skin caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The lesion which occurs in this disease are typically crusty in nature and are scaly to feel. On the first sight, many may mistake this for a wart. The region in the body where sunlight gets exposed maximum like the face, lips, scalp and the hand are most vulnerable to getting Actinic keratoses. The color of the lesion may be red and fleshy to press. The color may vary to tan and pink in cases. The size may initially be as small as 3 mm but on the complete growth, it might attain several centimetres. If you roll the fingers over the skin over where the Actinic keratoses is present, it would be felt in his hand. This technique is used by the doctors also to arrive at a decision at the initial stage when the lesion is not easily visible.

In considering the risk factors, we know that the presence of the melanin will be helpful in protecting a person from sunlight. So this is the reason that the fair and blonde colored person is more likely to get the disease when compared to the dark complexion person. Also in the tropical region where the sunlight is greater has more chances of getting this disease as when compared to the temperate region.