Claritin is a gentle suggestion for allergy relief

Apr.11, 2010

Claritin is used over 20 years. The manufacturer of the medication is worldwide known pharmaceutical company called Shering-Plough.

Claritin is the most prescribed allergy drug in the world and one of the modern antiallergic drugs which has the ability to treat such allergy symptoms as: sneezing, itching and nasal discharge, epiphora, iredness and itching in the eyes, throat discomfort. Besides, claritin is widely used in sting allergy. High efficiency of claritin allows successfully to use the drug in the complex treatment of different skin diseases which are causing  the itch (atopic dermatit, contact dermati, chronic eczema). The active ingredient of claritin is loratadine. Loratadine is an antihistamine and is used in treatment ofallergic symptoms.

One of the main reasons of all allergy symptoms progression is histamine. Histamine is  biologically active ingredient which is extricated by our immune system from the organism. Histamine is exctricated from the organism when its level is too high in the blood. Its extrication is causing vegetal and vascular reactios as skin redness, fervescence, contact urticaria, headache, respiratory affection.

Histamine is one of inflamatory and allergic mediators involved in the pathogenesis of different diseases. It affects to organs and tissues through histamine receptors.Claritin blocks the histamine receptors thus preventing histamine’s side effect. As claritin is safe and effective drug it can be used by most people. That is confirmed by the fact that claritin is most popular antiallergic drug.

Using  the drug you can be assured that next benefits are quaranteed :

  • Does not cause drowsiness.
  • Convenience (just one tablet a day will relieve allergy symptoms)
  • Safety (Claritin is well tolerated and practically has no side effects.)

Claritin is effective medication for treatment of allergy symptoms for you and your children. It is   prescribed for adults and children 2 years old and older. There are two types of claritin: tablets for adults and syrup for children. Rarely occur some side effects as : dry mouth and vomiting.

Pregnant women should use the drug only when is clearly needed. They should consult with their doctor or pharmacist the risks and benefits before using it.

Do not take claritin more often than it is prescribed by your doctor.

The product can be bought in pharmacy stores without a prescription. Self-treatment with the drug is not prohibited only if you carefully read its instructions and follow them.

So, if you are suffering of allergy try your best – claritin — decision of your allergy symptoms.

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