Tazarotene for large pores

Jul.14, 2016

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Large pore is a problem in all age groups. There are many reasons why large pores can occur and not all the reasons are correctable with treatment. The pores are normally present in the skin and helps in the drainage of sweat and oil on the surface of skin. Normally these pores are  not visible and this makes our skin looks very beautiful and shiny. In some people, the size of the few pore in the skin becomes larger and thus resulting in a condition known as large pores. This causes a decrease in the beauty of the face and attract attention of everybody towards the problem.

The collagen is the building block of the skin. Collagen are rows of fibers which forms the base for providing the elasticity and texture to the skin. As a person, gets aged out, there occurs degradation of the collagen and thus causes decrease in the support and the enlargement of pores. The excessive exposure to sunlight can also damage the skin and causes enlargement of the pores.

The adolescent age group suffers from the problem of acne because of the block in the drainage of the sebum from the seborrheic gland. The infection and the subsequent inflammation lead to the formation of the blackheads which might precipitate the formation of large pores. (inflammation in the natural response of the body to infection)

In addition to this, some person has large pores because of the familial reason. The characteristics of the person are inherited and expressed in varying extent from the parents by means of genetic transformation. The information passed through these genes might be the reason for the development of large pores.


Why Tazarotene is good for that problem?

Tazarotene is manufactured by Allergan in the name of Tazorac (0.1%) Just like how vitamin A regulates the regeneration and proliferation of the cell, tazarotene also causes these effects by means of acting at the genetic level and causing manipulation. By means of targeting of the selected genes, the drug decreases adhesion and  proliferation between the cells which are present in the keratin layer thereby  decreasing the cogged nature of the pores. (Keratin is the outermost layer which is responsible for the roughness and  coloration outside). As the cogged gets corrected out, there is free drainage of the sebum and the decrease of the size of the pores. Tazarotene is recommended to be applied at night because of the sensitivity to sunlight and is typically applied only once a day. The drug is available in gel, cream and foam format.

What is Tazarotene and how it resolves the problem?

Though the drug binds to the retinoic acid receptor  in the cytoplasm (which is the part present around the center most part of the cell known as the nucleus), the combination of the drug and retinoic acid receptor then gets transported the nucleus of the cell. Tazarotene is nothing but a form of vitamin A namely retinoic acid. It has selective binding to retinoic acid receptors beta and gamma subtypes. Retinoic acid receptors are special type of receptors, which controls  the genetic substance which is present inside the nucleus of  the cell (receptors are biomolecules in which the drug act to manifest its effect and nucleus is the part of the cell where the  genetic material is present).There are three types of retinoic acid receptors mainly alpha, beta and gamma.

As described above, it removes the clog and also helps in the closing of the pores by regulating the adhesion and the proliferation of the epidermal cells (epidermis the outermost layer of the skin).

Before the administration of the drug, pregnancy test needs to be done to be absolutely sure that the women of reproductive age is not pregnant. It is also recommended to apply a sunscreen in the subsequent morning with the power of at least SPF 15 and above to prevent the sunlight related side effects.

Tazarotene for acne

Conclusion (Treatment results)?

On the continuous application of the drug, the large pores will get completely disappeared and you will be getting back the skin which you dream about. Even in those cases where there are very large pores and has not completely closed after treatment, the size of the pores will be significantly reduced. The Tazarotene also helps in decreasing the acne scars, which are commonly associated with this condition.

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