Retin-a cream for acne treatment

Jun.28, 2013

retin-a creamRetin-a cream for acne treatment

Before we delve into the treatment of this type of disease, it would be necessary that we find out the meaning of retin-a cream. This simply implies a drug related chemically to vitamin A, use in topical treatment of acne and other skin disorders. Acne on the other hand means a disease of the oil-secreting glands of the skin that often affects adolescents, producing eruptions on the face, neck, and shoulders that can leave pitted scars. Retin-a cream as the name implies is a medication used for treating acne. It is in liquid or jelly form.

Often times, when you take a glance at a person’s face, you will find out that there are pimples on his or her face which will make him or her not to look attractive in appearance. But with the aid of this drug it will reduce the pimples on the face and render immediate cure to it. This type of medication is known as retinoid which enhances the growth of skin cells. You can make wise use of this drug only if prescribed by your Doctor because of the body weight difference as it may not work if you follow another person’s description. If a person has wrinkles; it can also be applied to improve it. Prior to the usage, there is a manual provided for it where one can read and be acquainted with what to do.

As a matter of fact, the guidelines enumerated below can be followed for effective functioning of this medication.

  • You need to wash your hands and keep them dry before applying retin-a cream.
  • Wash only the affected area with soft soap and not a harsh one and dry it with clean handkerchief or face towel.
  • After that you apply a very small quantity on the affected areas.
  • It should not touch the eye, nose, or mouth.
  • Retin-a cream should not be applied to any other area or for any type of disease.
  • When it is applied, it should be left for at least 20mins.
  • Keep out of the reach of children to avoid affecting the eye or even putting it to the mouth or any other area.
  • Immediately after use of retin-a cream, please wash your hands very well.
  • Do not be afraid, since it will take some time or days before it will penetrate right deep inside the body.
  • However, you are advised to apply accordingly to prescription and dosage; you have to follow it regularly.
  • You have to make use of the quantity prescribed by your doctor to avoid putting yourself in jeopardy of developing redness of the spot, peeling of skin and pain.
  • So, your skin determines the kind of medication you need to apply and the treatment that is meant to cure or rehabilitate you. Retin-a cream can also be used to treat Flat Wart, Ichthyoids Lamellar, and a rare hereditary skin condition.
  • It is also applied once daily as prescribed by your doctor.
  • You can use pad or a small stick, wire, plastic wand with cotton attached to one or both ends for cleaning the wounds, or to apply the medicine.
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