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Valacyclovir for cold sores

Jan.10, 2017

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Cold sores refer to the occurring  of blister  near the lips, face and oral cavity (in medical terms, it is known as herpes labialis). It is because of virus infection and the name of the virus is known as Herpes simplex virus (virus are very minute infectious agents, which are responsible for a variety of diseases and are highly harmful to the body). Herpes simplex virus is generally of two types and type 1 is commonly responsible for cold sores. Type 2 is generally responsible for causing genital sores.


In cold sore, before the blister occur near the lips or face, typically tingling and numbness sensation occur and this should be taken as a warning sign for the symptoms to be followed. Unfortunately, there is no drug as of today, which is available for stopping the occurrence of the blisters at this stage. The blister gets swollen and after it has grown big, it usually burst developing into ulcer. Ulcer gets healed by about a week or so and in many of the cases subside without any complication. There will be recurrent infection because this virus has the peculiar property of traveling through the nerves and get stored in some parts of the nerve in the body (this is very fascinating as this is a virus which has a peculiar property of resting in some parts of a body like without causing any symptoms). This occurrence of symptoms again is known as the recurrence of the symptom.