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What are the best eyelash curlers

Jul.02, 2013

What you need to know about best eyelash curlers?

Often women feel more comfortable or appealing with their eyebrows curled. They feel this makes them look attractive and more beautiful. Eyelash curlers are just the products these women need in order to help them get the kind of look and eyelashes that they want.

Eyelash curlers, as the name of the product suggests, helps curl the eyelashes to make them look curlier than they may really be. Nowadays these curlers may be automated and the heated eyelash curlers can be used in order to curl the eyelashes and make them stay that way for a longeeyelash curlerr time period.

It is best not to use eyelash curlers too frequently- heated or otherwise. This is because they may cause the eyelashes to become ‘too curled’ or brittle because of which the lashes may actually break rather than getting curled and if you are going for heated eyelash curlers, these would definitely have a negative impact upon your eyelashes.

If you go for normal eyelash curlers you can press these lightly against the tips of your eyelashes and hold it that way for half a minute. Do not let go until they are curled enough. You may even use a hair blower in order to ensure that your eyelashes hold their position and stay that way. Keep the blower at a distance though- you do not want your eyes to get too watery in the process. Be sure to comb your eyelashes before doing so in order to separate them and to ensure that they are smoothened out prior to the application of the curler itself.

What are the best eyelash curlers?

If you are going for a heated one, use the same steps.

Be very careful when using eyelash curlers. You do not want these to get into your eyes and you would not want them to burn your eyelashes, eyelids or your eye itself.

If you are using a normal eyelash curler, keep the blower away from your eyes. Do not use either of these on your own if you are not sure of how to use the eyelash curler. It would be better for you to go to a beautician or a beauty parlor rather than going through the process alone. This would be a safer option for you as well.

Eyelash curlers are tricky. If you do not use them carefully you may end up burning yourself or even cutting off your eyelashes rather than curling them so be sure to apply them properly. If you suffer from a skin condition be sure to ask someone for their opinion first.

If you are sharing a friend’s eyelash curler ensure that she does not suffer from an eye infection as you may get infected too.

There are no side effects where the product itself is concerned but if poor administration can lead to adverse side effects.

If you curl your eyelashes, they would also look longer than usual.