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Champix…The Effective Way to Quit Smoking

May.31, 2013

champixChampix overview

Quitting smoking is tough and hard process. The nicotine that is already circulating in your system increases the dopamine substance in your brain. Dopamine stimulates your brain to feel pleasure, reduce anxiety and tension. Persons who are smoking half their life will certainly look forward to this effect. That is why quitting smoking is a tough fight, and the battle is within your own self.

If you want to quit smoking but finds it hard to stick to your goal, you might need the aid of Champix…an effective drug to curb your cravings for cigarette smoking.

Chantix had been circulating in the market after gaining the approval of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early 2006. The FDA review for a product usually takes about 10 month’s duration, with Chantix, the product review takes only 6 months before it was approved for circulation as a smoking cessation pill.

When Chantix was approved for circulation in the European Union, it has received a new brand name called “Champix”. If you browse either any of these brand names using the internet search engine, do not be confused, Chantix and Champix are identical drugs containing the generic formulation called “varenicline”.

Champix is a prescription-only medication manufactured and patented by Pfizer. It is packed in 1 mg. and 0.5 mg. tablets. Champix 0.5 mg. tablet are film-coated, white, modified capsular shaped table, with “Pfizer” marking on one side and “CHX 0.5” on the other. Champix 1 mg looks almost the same as the 0.5 mg. tablet; it only differs on the colour because Champix 1 mg is in light blue colour.

Champix ingredient – Varenicline

Champix is the brand name of the generic formulation called “verenicline”. This substance is a strong and potent ingredient in curbing the cravings of cigarette smoking by stimulating the brain’s nicotine receptors. As mentioned, nicotine increases the brain’s dopamine substance, responsible in feeling of pleasure while reducing anxiety and tension. Champix works by blocking this nicotine substance in reaching the brain’s nicotine receptors, thereby decreasing dopamine.

Based on clinical study, success of Champix works four (4) times more than other sugar pills. As compared to brands containing bupropion ingredients, Champix has 60 percentage success rates than the bupropion formulation.

Champix common side effects

Champix is a prescription-only medication intended to be taken at lower dosage to acclimate the body as to its effect. Lower dose is intended for one (1) week before quitting date and gradually increases after every 3 to 4 days. Adherence to doctor’s guidance and instruction is strictly recommended to avoid or at least limit the following most common side effects on the use of this medication:

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting (when medication is taken with food)

  • Change in sleeping pattern

  • Headaches

  • Drowsiness

  • Increased hunger

  • Mood swings

Conclusion about quit smoking with Champix

The best way to find success in quitting smoking is rooted on the person’s desire and dedication. Medication like Champix is just only a supplement to person’s dedication in kicking off the smoking habit. Love of one’s self will surely be a great motivating factor in achieving its success.

Facts About Breast Growth and Breast Enlargement Cream

May.27, 2013

breast-developmentNext to the face, majority of men looks at the woman’s breast to get an impression of beauty. It is a fact that men are easily attracted to the refine and feminine beauty. Aside from grace, breast is the key factor in bringing about the femininity of a woman. The sad thing though… not all women are naturally gifted with beautiful breasts. Those who have less aspires to have more, while those who have more likes to trim it down…Funny thing though, but with the rise of technology and invention, life isn’t anymore about satisfaction. Advance technology has elevated us into how to attain perfection. Those who are not gifted with beautiful busts often seek surgery to improve its firm and fullness. This may cost them fortune but the desired benefits will more than wealth for anyone. For those who want to enhance their breasts without spending much at the same time breaking off from the pain under surgical table, utilized breast enlargement creams…an equally effective product to enhance the shape and firmness of breasts.

Understanding the growth of woman breast

Our body is composed of different hormones. This hormones are responsible for the growth of almost everything in our body…including our breasts. Had you observed changes in your body beginning puberty? Hormones production at this stage is at its highest. That is why, breasts’ growth at this stage is fast…There are essentially four (4) hormones responsible in the growth of breasts and these are:

  • Estrogen

This is called the woman’s sex hormone and is produced by the ovaries. Estrogen production is at its prime level during the early puberty stage and is low during the pre- puberty (childhood) and after menopause.

  • Progesterone

Like Estrogen, this hormone is also produced by the ovaries, but this hormone only plays a little contribution in breasts growth compared to estrogen. This hormone is naturally produced each month, essential for regular menstrual cycle.

  • Prolactin

This hormone is responsible for the production of breast milk during pregnancy. Like progesterone and estrogen, Prolactin enhances breast growth by increasing the production of breast fats in the mammary glands.

  • Growth hormone

This hormone is essential in the growth of our body which is at its highest peak during puberty.

Breast Enlargement Creams Common Ingredients

In enhancing breasts growth, it is essential to find product that contains ingredients that increases the performance of these hormones. Look for the following most common ingredients in buying breast enlargement creams:

  • Dong Quai

  • Fenugreek

  • Wild Tam

  • Fennel Seed

  • Red Clover

Is it safe and effective?

Breasts enlargement creams are proven safe and effective in enhancing the fullness and shape of your breasts. Look for the products that contain natural formulation of the above mentioned ingredients.

Some products have a money back guarantee offer, which I think a very good assurance of product quality and an excellent way to protect the interest of its customers.

Safety is always a precaution to those who indulge the use of new products. Always seek the advice of a professional to ensure protection.

Promoting health and well-being with Oral Contraceptives

May.10, 2013

Birth control advocates has been consistent in propagating information promoting birth control. For several reasons, many women are now well-informed of the importance of planned pregnancy and giving spaces for births. With the increasing growth of population, the government is way like giving their complete support in achieving its success.

The History of Oral Contraceptives:

Birth control pills became available in circulation early in 1960’s. Its use was mainly intended for averting unwanted pregnancies by restraining ovulation process. There are some nasty effects that accompanied the early development of this oral contraceptive pills. Oral contraceptive pills then undergone adjustments in its formulation, decreasing the estrogen component and introduction of alternative administration and dosage.

This medical breakthrough encouraged many women in using this method of contraception. Although received various moral protest, the objection for its use has gradually fade and oral contraceptive pill has now established conventional acclamation.

Types of Oral Contraceptives:

The conventional composition of oral contraceptive pill includes two sex hormones called progestin and estrogen. These two hormones prevent ovulation by changing the uterus lining and modification of the cervical mucus essential thereby avoiding the unification of the sperm and egg. Other type of oral contraceptives contains only one sex hormone called progestin. Progestin-only oral contraceptives are called “mini pills” that works as effective as the combination of estrogen and progestin hormones and widely available under the brand names Micronor, Ovrette and Nor-QD.

Combination pills works effectively in preventing pregnancy when used accurately. This pill are available in different brands like Ovcon, Nordette, Desogen, Alesse Yasmin, Microgestin, Genora and many others.

Another type of Oral Contraceptive is called “extended cycle pill”. This pill is sold in packs containing pills for three months use, with 2 months pill to contain 28 hormone pills. As a consequence to its formulation and dosage, menstrual cycle is affected, of having to escape regular monthly menstrual period. Extended cycle pill are offered under the brand names Lybrel, Seasonique and Seasonale.

What Works best?

There are various brands of oral contraceptive pills available. As to its efficacy, no one really works above the other. It all depends on how your body reacts to its dosage and formulation. Although views on its efficacy vary largely on different age group, many women preferred “extended cycle pills”.

Important precautions:

Like the effect of drugs containing synthetic formulation, oral contraceptives has the followings precautions on most common side effects:

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Headache

  • Acne breakout

  • Breast sore

  • Weight gain.

There are medications that are contraindicated in the use of this pill. For one, the use of antibiotics can lessen the efficacy of this oral contraceptive pill.

To ensure safety and for your own protection, it is most suitable to discuss your concern with your obstetrician whether your health history and state of physical condition qualifies you to take oral contraceptive pill. Women who are recently giving birth are most likely to be advised to take oral contraceptive pill three months after giving birth. Women who have history of blood clots and have family history of breast cancer are discouraged to use oral contraceptive pill