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Understanding How Breast Enhancement Pills Work

May.13, 2012

How Breast Enhancement Pills Work?

There are certain changes in our body that we sometimes disregarded without expounding as to its scientific explanation. A basic example is the growth of your breast. Had you ever wondered during the innocence of your youth why you woke up in the next morning with additional weight in your bust? Many changes in the growth of human body occur at the onset of puberty. In order to have a better understanding on the factors that affects the growth of breasts, hereunder are few scientific explanations.

Growth, Puberty and Pregnancy

Growth and puberty is in some ways interrelated with each other. At the puberty stage, our body produces estrogen at its peak. For girls, this is the start off of menstruation where the ovaries are beginning to produce progesterone hormones. This progesterone causes the breast to swell before menstruation but will fade away when menstruation starts.

Progesterone on the other hand is at its peak during pregnancy. Another hormone that works closely with progesterone and estrogen is called “Prolactin”, responsible for the development of the mammary glands. This hormone prepares the breast for the production of milk, causing fat to be accumulated in the breast. This explains why a woman’s breasts grow larger during pregnancy.

The Wonders of Stretch Mark Removal Creams

May.09, 2012

 Women get easily annoyed with unpleasant formation of stretch marks. Good thing though that most of this marks appeared in areas of our body that is less exposed. If you are one of the many women who had unwanted stretch marks, do not be anxious, there are options available to effectively fade its appearance and color. But before choosing what option that is best for you, it is important to investigate how stretch mark creams work wonders in regaining the beauty of your skin.

How stretch marks is formed  

Stretch marks otherwise called “striae” in medical lingo are formed because of the changes in the person’s hormones which usually takes place during pregnancy and puberty. Everybody passed the puberty phase but the formation of stretch marks varies on each person because each individual has a unique genetic composition. Some people are genetically blessed not to have stretch marks problem, but almost 90 % of the adult population had encountered this skin flaw. Fortunately, this does not cause of a worry because this simple cosmetic concern can be solved with either natural homemade treatments or stretch marks creams.

Stretch marks treatment        

Stretch marks can be removed in different methods and treatment. It all depends on how much budget you want to invest in this procedure. The costly procedure like laser treatment and tummy tuck are widely availed of by people who are in the upper class and those who have high tolerance to pain. But before deciding which procedure you want to take, always check with your insurance company whether any of this procedure is covered by their policy.

Natural treatment

Treating stretch marks the natural way is considered the safest and cheapest way to say goodbye to your unwanted stretch marks. However, the effort is all yours to take. With extra dedication and discipline, you will gain success in this method. Use the following natural treatment tips:

  • Establish a healthy nutrition: increase your daily water intake. Eat healthy foods rich in Vitamin E, C, olive oil, borage oil. Maintain regular rest and sleeping period at least 8 hours.
  • Skin Exfoliation: release the pressure of your skin through exfoliation so that your skin’s dead cells will be replaced with new health ones. Oatmeal and honey scrub may be used in the process.

Stretch marks removal cream 

Stretch marks removal creams are abundantly available in the market today. Although most of them claimed to effectively vanish stretch marks, but few are proven effective to do the magic. Here are some of the creams that has effectively do the work of improving stretch marks problems:

  • Tretinoin Creams – this cream works in improving the color and appearance of stretch marks by rebuilding the skin’s collagen. Effective topical treatment for stretch marks that is in its early stage.
  • Retinoid Creams – Also effective in increasing collagen formation. Best used when stretch marks is yet in the early stage of formation.
  • Glycolic Acid – Also increases collagen production. Its primary ingredient aides in removing the upper skin layer.

All medications have its certain side effects, it is essential to seek medical help before indulging a product.

Latisse vs Revitalash A Product Overview

May.07, 2012

Our everyday life is faced with different challenges and in dealing with this, we need to have our very best to gain our success.   Bringing out ones best starts from one’s own commitment to improve the two important aspects of personality, and that is your personality traits and physical appearance. Yes, there is no doubt that there are many success stories when one starts to work on improving her physical appearance. Beauty is God’s given gift and every gift must be taken care of and nurtured. It is interesting to know that achieving your desired appearance is within your reach. The revolutionary leap of technology makes this endeavor possible through different means, either through cosmetics, surgery or taking prescribed medications.

It cannot be denied however that we have a common definition for beauty. We define beauty in the physical appearance of a person; the contour of the body, the radiance of the skin, the redness of the lips and the sparkle of the eyes. Many are fortunate to have blessed with natural beauty. Those who have less in this mentioned physical attributes seeks modern technology in enhancing their physical appearance in addition to the new line of beauty enhancers available in the market. Surgical enhancement is often an option to many but those who fear the pain will shy away with these procedures.

Latisse success stories. Latisse generic review.

May.03, 2012

My Latisse success story.

I am one of the many women who have an issue with my eyelashes. It is not really of a concern to me because I am a positive person and I do not perceive this issue as “big” that should require tremendous and speedy solution. You see, I am not blessed with thick lashes…To make my dilemma worst, I had them cut… believing the tell-tale story that it will grow double…If you are curious what’s the effect, I’m sorry to disappoint you, it didn’t grow but in fact it worsen the problem…I now have short eyelashes countable with the fingers of my hand. If you can relate, you can perfectly understand my frustration to have long and thick lashes.

In order to hide the scarcity, I use false eyelashes to improve my look. It appears to me that using the product only worsened the situation. I observed that during one week use, my eyelashes began to fall one by one. I immediately stop its use to save my remaining eyelashes which at this point I believe to be less than 10. A friend of mine advised me to do the surgical treatment but I didn’t accept the idea because I am afraid of the pain of scalpel and surgical equipments. I also had read some side effects of this procedure and few disadvantages that hinder me to lay down my cards.

Believing that I arrived at dead-end, I consulted a physician and seek her advice to treat my problem. I don’t have any idea that I am under the medical condition called “hypotrichosis”. She prescribed Latisse (Bimatoprost) or its generic version Careprost once a day. Having experienced a lot of eyelash growth enhancement products cautioned me to do my own product research before buying for my own consumption. By utilizing the aid of the search engine in the world wide web, it brought me to a lot of good and bad reviews and feedbacks about Latisse. These varying and contradicting reviews only misleads my senses and invite confusion in the minds of people. I am making this feedback because I want to share my personal and true confession about Latisse.

Latisse absolutely works for me…Admittedly, I am hesitant to use it at first but I had no choice but to try my luck on Latisse to solve my problem. Cautioned by the reviews I read and the precaution indicated in the clinical pharmacology, I used Latisse strictly as indicated by my Doctor. During my first week of use, this product almost finds its way in the garbage bin. You see, I experienced eye irritation and redness. I immediate consulted my Doctor but she advised me that this effect is only common and that there is nothing to worry. I patiently disallow myself to be discouraged and go on using Latisse according to her instruction. For about 4 weeks of continuous use, I observed that my eyelashes are beginning to grow and not only that…I noticed many.

I thanked my Doctor in prodding me to continue its use; otherwise I had never experience my dream to have long and beautiful eyelashes. If you have some hesitations about using Latisse because of the negative feedbacks you received online, have confidence and take me as a living example of its success.

The Secrets to Long and Beautiful lashes

May.02, 2012

Beauty is defined in different variations, depending upon the gauge applied in rating how beautiful a person is. To some, beauty depicts the overall well being of a person and this includes the person’s complete stature, both external and innate aspect. If we ask the men to define what beauty is, most of them will generally look upon the physical attributes of a person, the curves of the body, the softness of the hair, the fullness of the lips and the tantalizing eyes. Actually, the person’s physique has less impact in determining how beautiful a person is. There are many who wants to oppose this idea but for many, this principle is equally acceptable

There is a theory that a person’s beauty is exemplified on the way how she perceives herself. A person who has a complete trust of herself will appear to be more beautiful than a person who is physically beautiful, yet lacks confidence in herself.

What then is true beauty?

Beauty is considered what is pleasing to the eye. Had you ever experienced that you consider a person beautiful at first glance, but once you came to know the person, a contrary perception appear at once? That is why, there is no accurate gauge in defining true beauty but we always have a chance to appear pretty and beautiful using the latest technology innovation.

The latest beauty innovation

There are some who have gained the physical attributes of a pretty face, however, lacks the satisfaction because of its inadequate eyelashes. There are ways to address this issue and that includes the choice either undergoing the pain of cosmetic surgery or adapting temporary solutions like using false eyelashes or extensions. This described medical and natural intervention has underlying effect to health which is often irreversible.

Secrets to long and beautiful eyelashes revealed

Persons who fear the pain of surgical solution has now an alternate solution in achieving permanent beautiful long lashes. A new formula called “Latisse” is now released in the market to treat the medical condition called “hypotrichosis” or inadequate eyelashes.

Unlike the conventional procedure of treating this condition, Latisse provides a permanent solution to achieve long and beautiful lashes in due time.

The edge of Latisse over other eyelash growth enhancing products 

Women who have experienced short lashes often resort to products which offer less desirable result. Here are some leg works to give you an idea how Latisse® performs over and above the expected performance:

  • Latisse® compared to falls eyelashes and eyelash extensions:

Fancy eyelashes provide only a temporary solution to your problem. This material will often bring negative effect rather than the purpose of enhancing your beauty. Continuous use of false eyelashes will give pressure on your eyes. Moreover, prolonged use will worsen the condition and sometimes cause thinning of your remaining eyelashes.

  • Latisse® compared to eyelash transplant procedure:

Eyelash transplant procedure is considered a permanent solution to thinning and dull eyelashes; however, due to the risk of undergoing the pain in the operating table, you’ll be facing the risks of surgery infection.

The secrets had been revealed, it is on your own judgment what type of procedure you want to avail. Unleash your true beauty. Make an intelligent choice, today, now!