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Tazarotene for acne scars

Sep.20, 2018

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Acne occurs because of the blockage of the proper draining  of the seborrheic glands(seborrheic glands are microscopic glands, which are present in the skin and whose main function is to lubricate the skin by means of secreting sebum).When the block occurs, Because of the accumulation of a waxy material (sebum) there occur increased risk for getting infected with bacteria and getting swollen. Inflammation is the normal response mechanism of the body to anything which is foreign to the  body. As a result of inflammation, the redness and  possibilities of breakage of acne scars occur. At the end of the inflammation, the healing process begins to take place. The natural process of healing tries to completely regenerate and replenishable the cell but practically it is not possible. Therefore a  particular area will be covered with scars. Acne scars decrease the confidence of a person, when they go outside. Acne is the problem which is common among the younger age group and it occurs in spite of taking all preventive measures.

There are many types of acne but microdome (which is the formation of small hill like cluster of cells) and the resultant scar formation is a part which is common to many types of acne. Among the types of scar, the differences mainly consists of two types namely boxcar and Icepick. In Addition to this, because of excessive collagen, which is the building material of scar, keloid scar occurs. Boxcar type of scar typically consists of the box kind of lesion which are oval along with sharp edges. Icepick type of scar is small but visible scar.

Valacyclovir for cold sores

Jan.10, 2017

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Cold sores refer to the occurring  of blister  near the lips, face and oral cavity (in medical terms, it is known as herpes labialis). It is because of virus infection and the name of the virus is known as Herpes simplex virus (virus are very minute infectious agents, which are responsible for a variety of diseases and are highly harmful to the body). Herpes simplex virus is generally of two types and type 1 is commonly responsible for cold sores. Type 2 is generally responsible for causing genital sores.


In cold sore, before the blister occur near the lips or face, typically tingling and numbness sensation occur and this should be taken as a warning sign for the symptoms to be followed. Unfortunately, there is no drug as of today, which is available for stopping the occurrence of the blisters at this stage. The blister gets swollen and after it has grown big, it usually burst developing into ulcer. Ulcer gets healed by about a week or so and in many of the cases subside without any complication. There will be recurrent infection because this virus has the peculiar property of traveling through the nerves and get stored in some parts of the nerve in the body (this is very fascinating as this is a virus which has a peculiar property of resting in some parts of a body like without causing any symptoms). This occurrence of symptoms again is known as the recurrence of the symptom.

Dermovate for acne

Dec.26, 2016

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Acne is commonly seen in the adolescent age group. The severity of acne  can range from mild to very serious. Though the treatment is not necessary for mild varieties of acne, in case of moderate to severe acne, the treatment is absolutely essential to prevent the further progress of damage to the skin. In addition to causing the effect related to the disease, the presence of severe acne decreases the confidence of the person and reduction of the natural beauty of the face.


Acne is a condition which is caused because of the blockage of the seborrheic gland, which is responsible for the lubrication of the skin by the release of fluid known as sebum. Due to the clog of the outflow of the drainage pathway of the seborrheic gland  there might be accumulation of the sebum (oily substance).This is a perfect growth place for Bacteria known as propionibacterium and causes infection to develop into acne. Whenever any infection occurs, it is the normal reaction of the body to set the inflammatory action, where the defence system of the body is used for against the bacteria. The same occurs in the case of acne , which causes redness and breakage of acne.

Acne can be many types, but a common thing to all of them is the presence of comedones, which are infected and clogged leading to an inflammatory reaction. The anti inflammatory properties of the steroids like clobetasol decreases the inflammation and helps in the treatment of the condition. But at the same time, it can cause change the colour of the skin which might be more problematic comparing to the acne itself. So unless the doctor prescribe, do not use it on your own.

Lumigan for eyebrow growth

Sep.05, 2016

maxresdefaultAbout the eyebrows

The eyebrows are the first thing which attracts anyone towards the person. If anyone has sparse eyebrows, then that would affect the look of their face. The person will also have a decrease in confidence and other societal issues. There is a medical term for a decrease in the growth of the hair, including the hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes known hypotrichosis. There are many reasons, why the eyebrows might be sparse. Some might be genetic reasons because of the natural makeup of genes. In some it is because of some injury to the eyebrows, which should have shaved of the skin and in turn reduction in the growth of the eyebrows.

About Lumigan, Glaucoma and FDA indications

Lumigan is manufactured by Allergan it is one of the leading and world’s renowned pharmaceutical companies. The active pharmaceutical ingredient which is present inside Lumigan is bimatoprost. The indication for which the Food and Drug Administration has approved  is for the administration in glaucoma. We would like to explain two important terms in the previous sentence. First Food and Drug Administration is the ultimate and the apex agency for regulating the approval of new drugs and for suggesting the indications in for which it needs to be used in the US and their decisions are legally binding. This implies that a doctor is legally bound to prescribe Lumigan mainly for the glaucoma rather than the growth of the eyelashes. Secondly glaucoma is a condition in which  there is an increase in the pressure of the fluid inside the eye. This increase in pressure, might cause compression of the nerves which are present inside the eye and thereby seriously affecting the vision

Retin-a cream for Actinic keratosis

Aug.29, 2016

Actuality of problem and its Description

Actinic keratosisActinic keratosis occurs in the sun exposed parts of the skin and it is caused due to the damage to the skin caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The lesion which occurs in this disease are typically crusty in nature and are scaly to feel. On the first sight, many may mistake this for a wart. The region in the body where sunlight gets exposed maximum like the face, lips, scalp and the hand are most vulnerable to getting Actinic keratoses. The color of the lesion may be red and fleshy to press. The color may vary to tan and pink in cases. The size may initially be as small as 3 mm but on the complete growth, it might attain several centimetres. If you roll the fingers over the skin over where the Actinic keratoses is present, it would be felt in his hand. This technique is used by the doctors also to arrive at a decision at the initial stage when the lesion is not easily visible.

In considering the risk factors, we know that the presence of the melanin will be helpful in protecting a person from sunlight. So this is the reason that the fair and blonde colored person is more likely to get the disease when compared to the dark complexion person. Also in the tropical region where the sunlight is greater has more chances of getting this disease as when compared to the temperate region.

Diane 35 for irregular periods

Aug.01, 2016

irregular-periodsActuality of problem and its Description

Menstruation is the passage of blood along with the contents of the  lining of the uterus monthly (generally for every 28 days) in a female, who is in the reproductive cycle. This is a normal and natural phenomenon. The uterus is a medical term, which is given to the organ present in the pelvis of the female and in which the fetus grows inside the mother’s body. Normally, when there is no growth of the fetus within the mother’s body, the lining of the uterus gets sheds monthly and comes as blood. This is responsible for the period seen in females. In many females, who are in reproductive age group have problem of irregular periods because of varying reasons. This is a concern both mentally as well as physically. The periods causes discomfort for a woman to work in her official duties and also the loss of blood causes decrease in the strength and characteristically lead to a condition known as iron deficiency anemia. This causes weakness for a woman and the also decreases the weight of the child which will be growing in the future. So the irregular periods needs to be treated if there is a concern.

Why is Diane 35 good for that problem?

Diane 35 is a drug which is marketed by Bayer Schering Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the leaders among the pharmaceutical companies of the world. Diane 35 consists of Cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol. Cyproterone acetate is the progesterone component and the ethinyl estradiol is the oestrogen component. The drug because of its progesterone component decreases the proliferation of the growth of the lining of the uterus (oestrogen is responsible for the growth in the lining of the uterus) and also because of the combination of oestrogen & progesterone, there is a contraceptive effect which prevents the shedding of the ovum from the ovary. Diane 35 is a very good contraceptive agent in order to prevent conceivement.

Tadacip vs Forzest

Jul.22, 2016

men-strong erectionTadacip and Forzest General introduction:

Tadacip and Forzest are the generic drugs for the famous brand drugs Cialis. The main difference lies in that Tadacip is manufactured by Cipla pharmaceuticals and Forzest is manufactured by Sun pharmaceuticals limited. Both the companies have its origin from India and are one of the leaders in the manufacturing of generic drugs. What does the word generic means? First of all don’t worry about the word generic. The word generic only means that the drug is not the initial patented drug and it was manufactured after the patent period of the original branded drug has got over. The generic drugs Tadacip and Forzest undergo a lot of experiments and trials before been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and are absolutely efficacious as the original branded drugs.

Problem statement and  how do these drugs acts?

Both the drugs are marketed as a solution for erectile dysfunction. The word erectile dysfunction stands for  the condition in which male is not able to lift his penis during sexual intercourse. This might occur because of a variety of conditions. The basic mechanism behind the appearing of this condition is because of the decrease in the filling of the blood in the blood vessels of the penis. It might occur because of the nerve weakness and also because of the blockage of the blood vessels by atherosclerosis. The presence of erectile dysfunction is nowadays classified as one of the predictors of cardiovascular risk. Erectile dysfunction causes a lot of mental distress and affects the personal life significantly. Both of the drug (Tadacip, Forzest) act by causing the inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5. By means of  inhibiting phosphodiesterase 5, there occurs an increase in the concentration of CGMP. (CGMP stands for Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate and this represent one of the secondary messengers which are biomolecules responsible for the communications inside the cell) This is because phosphodiesterase 5 breaks down CGMP in the absence of these drugs. The increase in the concentration of CGMP causes dilation of blood vessels. Rather less  an initial sexual stimulation is required, for the formation of nitric oxide.

Tazarotene for large pores

Jul.14, 2016

Actuality of problem and Description of problem

Large pore is a problem in all age groups. There are many reasons why large pores can occur and not all the reasons are correctable with treatment. The pores are normally present in the skin and helps in the drainage of sweat and oil on the surface of skin. Normally these pores are  not visible and this makes our skin looks very beautiful and shiny. In some people, the size of the few pore in the skin becomes larger and thus resulting in a condition known as large pores. This causes a decrease in the beauty of the face and attract attention of everybody towards the problem.

The collagen is the building block of the skin. Collagen are rows of fibers which forms the base for providing the elasticity and texture to the skin. As a person, gets aged out, there occurs degradation of the collagen and thus causes decrease in the support and the enlargement of pores. The excessive exposure to sunlight can also damage the skin and causes enlargement of the pores.

The adolescent age group suffers from the problem of acne because of the block in the drainage of the sebum from the seborrheic gland. The infection and the subsequent inflammation lead to the formation of the blackheads which might precipitate the formation of large pores. (inflammation in the natural response of the body to infection)

In addition to this, some person has large pores because of the familial reason. The characteristics of the person are inherited and expressed in varying extent from the parents by means of genetic transformation. The information passed through these genes might be the reason for the development of large pores.


Why Tazarotene is good for that problem?

Bimatoprost for eyelashes

Jun.23, 2016

Bimatoprost for eyelashesActuality of problem

Eyelashes are an important beauty asset for a female. A well grown eyelashes  is a thing to be proud of for a female in the society. During the  premenopausal period, women face the problem of abnormal pattern of eyelashes (Menopause is the period of stoppage of reproductive growth of  female typically occurs between the age of 40 to 45 years). The  problem can also occur in women of other age groups. The abnormal pattern of eyelashes is described in medical terms known as hypotrichosis and may manifest of loss of eyelashes, which are already present or reduction of growth of eyelashes.This decreases the confidence of the female. Latisse containing bimatoprost come as a only approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and also by various medical agencies  around the world.

Description of problem

Hypotrichosis is the loss or reduction of growth of eyelashes. It might occur as a manifestation of some other problem or as an individual problem. The reduction in  the number of eyelashes decreases the beauty of the person. It should be noted that there is another condition known as hypertrichosis where there is an increase in the growth of the eyelashes and this should not be used in that condition. This drug is also used for beautification purposes where the intention is to increase the growth of eyelashes (which are already normal) and increasing the aesthetic look of the person.

What is Bimatoprost and Why Bimatoprost is good for that problem?

Which products and why Russia decided to refuse the import

Aug.08, 2014

It is a little bit unclear why many people in Russia are too worry about sanctions regarding the import food products from abroad namely EU, USA and  some CIS countries. In the general range of Russian foreign goods supermarkets account for only 35-40%, with two-thirds of them is in non-food products. We live in a world where most of food products are easily replaceable.
For example, the Australian beef restaurateurs easily replaced by products from Uruguay and Paraguay.


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